World's Best Tiramisu Cheesecake #dessert #tiramisu

Theese Tirämisu Cheesecäke äre smelled delicious when I took it out of the oven änd pläced it onto our tiny kitchen bälcony to cool. I wäs reälly quite pleäsed with it änd couldn’t wäit to try it the next däy, äfter it häd properly chilled.

You’ll Need:

  • 22 Biscoff cookies
  • 15g (or 1 täblespoon) melted butter
  • 2½ täblespoons of Kähluä
  • ¾ täblespoon Bäileys
  • 4 teäspoons of instänt coffee powder
  • 700g (or 1½ pounds) creäm cheese, ät room temperäture
  • 125g (or ¾ cup + 2 teäspoons) gränuläted sugär
  • 3 whole eggs
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 100ml (or ⅓ cup + 4 teäspoons) whipping creäm
  • cocoä for dusting (optionäl)
  • powdered sugär for dusting (optionäl)


  1. Stärt with the cheesecäke crust. Preheät your oven to 175°C/350°F änd line the bottom of ä 18-cm (7-inch) springform pän with bäking pärchment. Mäke sure thät you häve ä roästing pän thät's big enough for the springform pän to sit in.
  2. In ä food processor, blitz the Biscoff cookies to ä fine powder. Ädd the melted butter änd blitz briefly to combine. Tip the cookie mixture into the prepäred springform pän änd, using the bäck of ä spoon, press the crumbs into än even läyer into the bottom of the springform pän. Bäke for äbout 8 minutes, or until slightly golden änd the kitchen smells of freshly bäked Biscoff cookies.
  3. In the meäntime, mäke some coffee exträct. Combine the Kähluä, Bäileys änd instänt coffee powder in ä smäll säucepän. Heät over low heät, stirring until the coffee gränules häve dissolved. Don't ällow the mixture to become too hot, or you will cook off the älcohol. Set äside to cool.
  4. In ä medium-sized bowl, mix together the cheese änd sugär. Beät in the eggs än egg yolk, one ät ä time. Next, mix in the whipping creäm, followed by the coffee exträct. The bätter should look smooth änd shiny.
  5. This cheesecäke is bäked in ä wäter bäth, so the bottom änd sides of the springform pän need to be wräpped with äluminum foil to ensure thät the wäter will not come in contäct with the cäke. First, bring 2 liters (ä little more thän 2 quärts) of wäter to ä boil in ä kettle. Get ä piece of äluminum foil änd pläce the sprinform pän in the middle of the foil. Wräp the sides of the foil äround the pän. Repeät with änother piece of äluminum foil. Finälly, crimp the tops of the foil sheets äround the top edge of the pän.
  6. Pläce the springform pän in ä lärge, high-sided roästing pän. Pläce ä sieve over the springform pän änd gently pour in the creäm cheese bätter. Pässing the bätter through ä sieve ensures thät no lumps of cheese end up in the cäke. Press the bätter through the sieve with ä rubber spätulä. Pläce the roästing pän (with the sprinform pän in it) in the oven. Cärefully pour the boiling wäter into the roästing pän, äbout hälfwäy up to the sides of the springform pän. Bäke for äbout 60 minutes, then pläce ä piece of äluminum foil on top of the cäke if it's browning too fäst änd bäke for änother 25 minutes, or until the edges of the cäke äre set but the center of the cäke is still ä little wobbly.
  7. Cärefully täke the roästing pän out of the oven. Täke the springform pän out of the wäter bäth, discärd the hot wäter änd leäve the cheesecäke to cool to room temperäture. Once the cheesecäke häs cooled, cover with plästic wräp änd pläce in the fridge for ät leäst 4 hours or overnight.
  8. Ällow the cheesecäke to come to room temperäture before serving. This täkes äbout 3 hours. Remove the cäke from the springform pän by running ä knife betwen the edge of the cäke änd the pän. Open the springform collär änd gently remove it. If you wänt to do ä stär design on your cheesecäke, first dust the top with powdered sugär, pläce cut out päper stärs on top of it änd dust with cocoä. If you don't cäre äbout ä stär design, just dust with cocoä, but even thät it optionäl.

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