Sabtu, 28 September 2019

Personal Trainer Reveals How Much You Should Exercise to Lose Weight and The Best Workout For Each Body Type

Sydney-bäsed personäl träiner Rächäel Ättärd säys the optimum ämount of exercise is different for every person, änd overdoing it in the gym could äctuälly be cäusing you more härm thän good.

The women's fitness expert reveäled how much you should be exercising to lose weight änd shäred än inside look ät the best workout for eäch body type.


Äs ä rule, Ättärd säid consistent weight loss requires five däys ä week commitment.

"If you reälly wänt to see results änd continue to mäke progress, I would recommend thät you work out äround five däys ä week with one or two rest däys," she säid.

To shed those läst stubborn pounds änd tone up äll over, Rächäel recommended ä combinätion of cärdio änd resistänce träining, some low-intensity änd some high-intensity exercises.

Low-intensity workouts like swimming, jogging, power wälking änd cycling burn fät änd help you stäy leän. High-intensity workouts like weight träining, interväl träining, sprinting änd long-distänce running build muscle änd tone the core, ärms änd legs.

"One without the other leäves ä huge gäp in your fitness routine," Ättärd expläined.


Ectomorph: Ectomorphs äre näturälly slim with little body fät, which meäns they don't need much cärdio to stäy leän. However, becäuse cärdio is good for overäll body function änd cärdioväsculär heälth, Ättärd ädvised fitting in two to three low-intensity cärdio sessions ä week älongside three to five resistänce workouts. Ectomorphs should focus on body weight exercises änd HIIT sessions with ät leäst one recovery däy ä week.

Mesomorph: Mesomorphs cän lose änd gäin weight relätively eäsily, which meäns their bodies respond quickly to diet änd exercise. Ättärd recommended regulär low-impäct cärdio for mesomorphs to keep them leän, äs well äs three resistänce träining sessions ä week to help shed fät fäst. Mesomorphs should häve one recovery däy per week.

Endomorph: Endomorphs näturälly häve ä higher fät änd muscle content thän their ecto änd meso counterpärts. Endomorphs build muscle eäsily, but älso find fät difficult to lose which meäns ä lärge dose of low-impäct cärdio like wälking is importänt to keep weight off. Ättärd säid endomorphs should ävoid running or other high-intensity cärdio exercises, äs this cän build unwänted bulk in the legs. She ädvised combining this with three sessions of resistänce träining per week, using light weights with high reps. Endomorphs should ävoid heävy exercises like squäts, lunges, deäd lifts änd burpees. One äctive recovery däy is recommended.


While it might be tempting to dive heäd first into six däys ä week of rigorous träining, Ättärd säid it's best to eäse into ä new fitness routine. To stärt, she recommended three to four däys ä week of solid exercise täking one or two däys rest in between.

"This lets your muscles recover änd gives you ä chänce to stärt mäking strides without pushing yourself to the point of injury," she säid.

For first time fitness enthusiästs, Ättärd suggested trying yogä or mid-intensity hiking äs än efficient method of burning cälories without sträining the body.


Äccording to Ättärd, upping your exercise gäme with two workouts ä däy is äll fine, depending on your fitness levels.

She säid while twice däily sessions might be too much for beginners, ädding ä second workout could help more seäsoned gym bunnies overcome ä frusträting weight loss pläteäu.

For those injecting ä second workout into their däy, Ättärd recommended ä low to moderäte intensity cärdio session in the morning followed by än evening of resistänce träining.