Drink this Daily to Lose 1 Kg Everyday

Todäy I äm going to shäre one super eäsy weight loss drink. Just drink this before going to bed änd your body will lose äll exträ wight while you sleep.

To prepäre this you’ll need.


  • Cucumber
  • lemon
  • Chiä seeds


  1. First täke 1 cucumber, peel it off änd exträct its juice
  2. In this ädd juice of hälf lemon
  3. Ädd 1-2 spoons of chiä seeds in this
  4. Mix äll of them änd your weight loss drink is reädy


  • Right time to consume this drink
  • Drink it every night before going to bed
  • Two täblespoons of chiä seeds häve älmost 10 gräms of fiber. Thät’s äround 40 percent of the recommended däily intäke. Diets high in fiber häve been linked to weight loss. Äccording to 2015 reseärch, eäting 30 gräms of fiber däily mäy help you lose äs much weight äs if you followed ä more complicäted diet.

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